Keep photos, videos, animated gifs, or any other files protected on an iOS device.

Mr. Safe Keeper is an iOS app for an iPhone or iPad that keeps your photos, videos, and other files private. Mr. Safe Keeper adds a layer of protection by not allowing user to view your photos, videos, or other files even if they have access to your unlocked phone.

Keep your iPhone Photos PRIVATE!


Mr. Safe Keeper is a photo, video, and other file storer and browser. Mr. Safe Keeper you to give other your unlocked phone without having to worry about them seeing secret, private, special, or whatever you would like to call them files.


If you would like to keep some files protected, even when your device is unlocked, Mr. Safe Keeper is the solution!

File Browser

Mr. Safe Keeper also works as an animated Gif and file browser and viewer. Create folders, and import or paste in files.


Several other similar apps save personal info about you. Some also store copies of all of your files on their server. Mr. Safe Keeper does none of this. We take absolutely NOTHING from you. We have no servers, we send ourselves nothing.


At any time, you can choose to export all the files in Mr. Safe Keeper. This keeps the folder structures you have created and moves them to iCloud for easy access.

Super Simple

I worked hard to make Mr. Safe Keeper clean, and simple. There are ideas for updates and added functionality, but I wanted to get the clean version out and see what users think.

No in-App purchases

There are many similar apps out there, so why did I make Mr. Safe Keeper? Because they all try to nickel and dime you. Want more folders? thats more money. Want to export files? That is an in-app purchase. Want security? that is also an in-app purchase. With Mr. Safe Keeper you get it all for a one time price.

iOS iPhone Gif Photo Album

Save and store .gif Gif files for viewing any time.

What Mr. Safe Keeper is:

  • iOS ( iPhone & iPad ) Gif album and viewer
  • iOS ( iPhone & iPad ) private photo album
  • iOS ( iPhone & iPad ) private video album
  • iOS ( iPhone & iPad ) private file browser

What Mr. Safe Keeper is not:

  • Edible
  • A Holiday
  • A time travel solution ( yet )
  • A purple dinosaur
  • A dinosaur of any color

Mr. Safe Keeper iPhone Gif photo album

iPhone gif photo album, saver, and viewer. The GIF viewer allows you to keep and view your .gif files anytime. Works on iPhone and other iOS devices.

Private iPhone photo album

Keep photos and videos private on your iPhone or other iOS device.

iPhone Sexy photo keeper

Keep your sexy iPhone photos hidden and private from others using your phone.

iPhone Private and Special Documents keeper

Keep any files and documents private on your iPhone or other iOS device.

Screen Shots

A few example screen shots from Mr. Safe Keeper.

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